Our Team

Meet our amazing team.

We’re a talented group of individuals with various connections to the adoption community, who are dedicated to equal rights for all adult adoptees. Join us and hundreds of volunteers throughout Virginia in our mission for equality!

Ed Knight


Ed Knight was born in 1961 in Virginia, and placed for adoption through the Alexandria Department of Public Welfare. He learned at age 6 that he was adopted, but it wasn’t until his late 20s that he decided to search for his birth mother. Finding her in 1993, she warmly welcomed him back into her life as her only child. In 2015, Ed successfully reunited with his birth father, as well as 3 paternal half-siblings.

Ed is now retired from a career in IT and is enjoying life as an artist. He and his widowed birth mother live in the same retirement community where they often spend time together. Ed also stays engaged working with fellow adoptees advocating for equal rights to original birth certificates.

Jamie Weiss


Jamie Weiss was born in Norfolk, VA in 1979 and adopted at five days old through a privately arranged adoption.

While away at college, she began using online resources to learn about her origins. However, without any knowledge of names, place of birth, or even if her birth date was correct (due to sealed records), her search was practically impossible.

After 12 years of searching, Jamie was eventually able to gather some information that allowed her to connect with her biological family. Despite being in reunion for over a decade, she is still not legally allowed to obtain her original birth certificate due to the laws of Virginia. Her desire to pursue equal rights for adopted persons led her to create Signed, Sealed, Adopted., a place for elevating adoptee voices, and to help in forming the Virginia Adoptee Rights Alliance as well as the Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights .

Rebecca Ricardo, LCSW

Co-Organizer/Adoptee/First Mom

Rebecca Ricardo is an adoption professional with over 35 years of experience working for C2Adopt – a progressive Virginia adoption agency that has always supported openness in adoption and supported all adoptees have equal access to their birth information.

Rebecca joined her family through adoption as an infant and also placed her son for adoption when she was a teenager. In spite of never having seen her OBC, she has found and had contact with birth family members and her son.Rebecca has been a legislative advocate for adoption law reforms in VA; access to OBC attempts previously in VA; and has supported access to OBC legislation in other states.

Ann Mikeska


Ann’s adoption journey began when she was relinquished just a few days after birth, finding her adoptive family through a church-run adoption agency at the tender age of 12 weeks. In 2018, Ann discovered her entire biological family through the wonders of DNA testing and internet research. Her biological parents, who later married, welcomed her warmly into their lives, expanding her family with the addition of two full siblings. However, despite this reunion, legal constraints prevent Ann from obtaining her original birth certificate, the factual documentation of her birth.
Motivated by her personal experience, Ann channels her advocacy through active participation as a team member of the Virginia Adoptee Rights Alliance. Additionally, she dedicates her time to volunteer with the Adoptee Rights Coalition (ARC), a 501C(4) adoptee-led organization. ARC focuses on educating legislators, the adoption community, and the public on crucial issues concerning adult adoptees. Presently residing in Northern Virginia with her husband, Ann is deeply committed to the cause of ensuring equal treatment under the law for all Commonwealth residents, irrespective of their adoption status. Her passion for justice and equality resonates in her efforts to make a meaningful impact on the lives of adoptees and their rights.

Kelly Layton


Kelly Layton was born in Philadelphia, PA, and was placed for adoption at 5 months old after spending time in foster care. 

Kelly grew up knowing she was adopted but did not have any information regarding the identities of her first family or her own original identity due to sealed records. Kelly is now in reunion with both sides of her biological family and her foster family.

Kelly is involved with her local chapter of Adoptees Connect (https://adopteesconnect.com/), regularly attends adoptee conferences/events, and is passionate about equal rights for all adopted persons. She strongly believes in the right of all adopted persons to obtain their original birth certificate (OBC) without redactions or restrictions and will always advocate for this.